Construction Management

InnoWind’s construction project managers’ involvement in a project starts with the final stages of the development of a project just before financing. Once financial close has been reached the construction phase starts and the construction project manager becomes responsible for the successful implementation of the project until commercial operation.

The successful implementation of the project requires careful management of the engineering, procurement, construction, transportation and logistics to ensure completion on time, and within budget.

To date, all of InnoWind’s construction projects have been completed ahead of schedule and under-budget.

General responsibilities of the construction function are:

  • Procurement of Major Contractors and specialist advisors
  • Contract administration and management
  • Manage the project team, consisting of internal and external specialists;
  • Stakeholder management, e.g. Eskom, landowner, local communities, government
  • Develop and monitor project schedule
  • Develop and control project budget
  • Design review
  • Perform quality assurance on site throughout the construction phase
  • Monitor health, safety and environmental compliance of the project
  • Monitor and control change
  • Monitor and control project risk
  • Manage the handover to Asset Management upon completion of the project